Huertos de Soria received the Spanish Food Awards for the Organic Production

Huertos de Soria received the Spanish Food Awards for the Organic Production
11 noviembre 2016 Huertos de Soria
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Huertos de Soria received yesterday, Thursday, the Spanish Food Awards 2015 for the Organic Production in Madrid. The ceremony was held at the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment. It was an event with more presence of Soria because the restaurant Baluarte, which owner is the chef Óscar García, also received the Spanish Food Award for the restoration.   

It is the first time that these awards are awarded to a social enterprise. In the resolution of February 2016, the Ministry praised the “exemplary” business plan of the company and its social innovation, capable of boosting the rural environment, and creating jobs for people at risk of exclusion. In this way the decision is explicated in a note sent to the media: “The project in partnership with professional farmers and assuming ecological certification that is of great interest. It seeks the integration of groups of people at risk of social exclusion through alternative productions, through an impeccable and exemplary business plan that promotes rural development and generates employment. It bets on the introduction and recovery of native varieties, the development of new products and the commercialization in the short distribution channel of fresh horticultural foods.”

These awards, which have been awarded since 1989, have the objective of recognizing the excellence of Spanish food products and the work carried out by professionals and entities involved in the agro-food chain and to encourage producers to obtain quality food. In this edition, eight modalities were summoned: Food Industry, Restoration, Ecological Production, Communication, Food Internationalization, Production of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Access to the Entrepreneurial Initiative and Extraordinary Spanish Food Award.


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